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Conquer the Wolves.
Birmingham, Al.

RIP my favorite little creature.

RIP my favorite little creature.

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How October Jones Passes Time on the Train

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Ivan Aivazovsky - Night landscape, Venice


Ivan Aivazovsky - Night landscape, Venice

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alabama got TWO INCHES of snow and everything just went to shit


alabama is weak


People died. Please don’t.

I live here and until you live here and understand what’s going on, shut up. When it snows here, we have to close down everything. We don’t have snow tires, salt mines, anything to keep this from happening. It was supposed to be a light dusting anyway so we didn’t close anything. Children were at school. Parents at work. So when the snow started to stick unexpectedly, everyone tried to get home. Quickly. But when you have a million people in a metro area trying to get through at one time to get home, to school to get their children, to get somewhere safe, traffic happens. And when it’s ice on the road and you don’t have what it takes on your car to handle those situations, wrecks happen. I have a friend whose brother slept in his school along with the other 4,000+ children that night because they couldn’t leave. People walked 10 miles in 18 degree weather just to get home because roads were shut down. People died in these wrecks and are still there because it’s too dangerous to drive to get them. So until you understand what the hell is going on here and what happens when it snows and ices over everything, shut up.

In sorry if this is a dumb question, but why don’t you have any of the gear required to withstand snow?

I know in FL snow is pretty much nonexistent, but we do have an unreal amount of slush and snow up north. Idk about Alabama though. But I think
can answer this better than I can.

bleedingmagic in Alabama we rarely ever get snow and when we do, we know it’s coming. So we shut down work places, schools, everything. So that we won’t have any problems. We can’t afford all the snow equipment needed to handle these things, and there is really no point in buying them because of the fact that they will never be used. Something that happened on Tuesday is such a rare occurrence, it’d be like New York preparing evacuation procedures for hurricanes. It NEVER happens, so why should we spend time and money for things that will never come. And as of 6 am Tuesday morning, we were only supposed to have a light dusting. Nothing to worry about. But it stuck and it stuck fast. Which never happens. It’s not a dumb question, it’s legitimate. We never need it, so we don’t have them.

I live in Birmingham and everyone that said something calling us “pussies” or any other derogatory name can go to hell. Your ignorance is disgusting.

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re:cast by small.things.matter on Tumblr.


re:cast by small.things.matter on Tumblr.

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